10 reasons to choose virtual reality in real estate

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The impact of technological evolution has led to industrial development. In the real estate sector, the revolutionary Virtual Reality has captivated the market, becoming an effective and innovative tool.

It is a new technology that allows you to visit the home at the desired time and from anywhere in the world. Unlike the usual 360º photographs, Virtual Reality offers an enhanced sensation of reality and gives the client an impression of being in the place in question.

Next, we explain the 10 opportunities to work with Virtual Reality, specifically with the Tajarat properties 3D service of GODREAMS VR in the real estate market:

1. Streamline sales processes

Real estate agents will have the possibility of showing a greater number of homes from the same agency in record time. This creates a prior filter for potential interested parties and an advantage over the competition. In addition, these potential clients increase their buying interest before even physically visiting the homes.

2. Effective to capture exclusivities

Offering an extra tool within the marketing plans creates in the client a positive perception about the agency by showing the effort it makes to sell their home/product. Sellers will be satisfied by the involvement of the real estate.

3. 24-hour assets that can be visited from anywhere in the world

The homes that the agencies publish on their website can be visited at any time by any interested party, even from a mobile phone. If the user also has virtual reality glasses (Cardboard or Gear VR), they will feel like they are in the space they are visiting.

(Example of 3D service carried out by GODREAMS VR deliverable in the form of LINK and viewable from mobile, Tablet, PC and Virtual Reality glasses).

4. Save time and money

The pre-filter that is generated by being able to teach a home remotely reduces wasted visits or curious customers, which translates into time and cost savings.

5. Improves the first impression and allows to know the distribution

With other traditional systems such as photographs and videos, the interested parties cannot see the real distribution of the house. Virtual Reality generates a much more captivating and real first impression, since at a glance it is possible to observe and know the complete distribution.

6. Stand out from the competition

Most real estate agencies advertise their homes through photographs or, in the best of cases, with videos. Highlighting the homes among so much volume is almost impossible. As a pill, many real estate agencies publish price reductions as a magic formula to stand out.

With Virtual Reality you will focus the attention of potential customers on the home and not on the price of it.

7. Responsible real estate

Sometimes photography fails to accurately reflect the reality of the home. Clients will place greater trust in the agency if it is able to offer an accurate view of the home. Virtual Reality will help clear up doubts about the real angle and will perfectly show the real distribution.

Real estate agent viewing a home through virtual visit.

8. Avoid awkward visits in homes with tenants

Nobody likes to visit a house and meet the tenants. Avoiding this uncomfortable moment, both for the prospective buyer and the seller, generates customer satisfaction.

In addition, it can serve as an argument for a housing acquisition exclusively: “The visits will be from really interested buyers.”

9. Greater number of foreign clients

Breaking the distance barrier to show a home favors reaching a greater number of clients internationally. The 3D Virtual Walk advances remote work and gives the opportunity to solve it at the time of the visit to the country.

10. New marketing channel?

Like e-mail or social networks, Virtual Reality is used as another real estate marketing channel (v-commerce). Studies carried out by companies such as capital smart city Islamabad ensure that the trend to sell through Virtual Reality will continue to grow during 2017.

These 10 opportunities make Virtual Reality an ally for all those real estate agencies that seek to grow and differentiate themselves in such a competitive and fierce environment.

Now that you know these 10 reasons to choose virtual reality in real estate, I don’t want to say goodbye to you without asking you the following question:

Would you highlight other advantages of virtual reality applied to the real estate sector?

If you want, leave your comment if you can provide us with other benefits of this new tool so that other users can also contribute their opinions about it, do you sign up?

When it comes to the sale of homes there is enormous competition, as with rent. This is because being such a popular city and which receives hundreds of thousands of tourists a year, regardless of the season of the year, makes it a place in which many people want to live.

If you have a property, you are already tired of renting, or you simply want to sell it for personal or financial reasons, in today’s post we will talk a little about the frequent mistakes that are made when making home sales.

What mistakes should we avoid when selling real estate?

Either because the apartment or apartments are your property or because you are starting your own real estate business, these are the errors that you must eliminate, avoid or not repeat when it comes to the sale of apartments:

Mistake 1 . Show the floor with damage or repair: whenever you are going to show a floor make sure it is clean, if improvements or repairs are being made, it is better to wait until it is clean and finished. If you show an apartment in the aforementioned conditions, those interested can insist that it be given for a much lower price than we ask.

Mistake 2 . Set a high sales price: these days people are very knowledgeable about apartment sales issues. The most important thing is to give a fair price that can be negotiated and that of course does not represent losses for you. In the negotiations, what is sought is that both parties are satisfied with the results.

Mistake 3 . Reject offers immediately: the offers that people make to us should never be rejected, until they have been studied correctly.

Although some offers that people interested in the apartment make us seem insufficient, it is best that we always thank, and respond in a cordial way, mentioning that we take all offers into account. For this reason, it is important to always ask for the contact of this person so that they feel that we are interested in their proposal.

Mistake 4 . Do not make small repairs: the details are exactly what people pay most attention to when buying an apartment. Faucets in poor condition, bathrooms that do not work well, hot water that does not come out, all these things are very important and that people always take into account when they are interested in buying a flat.

Mistake 5 . Not making the apartment known by all the available channels: one of the biggest mistakes is staying with a single dissemination tool, it is important that we make use of all the alternatives so that people know that we are selling a flat. The more people who know about it, the greater our ability to sell it. What is not shown is not sold.

Error 6 . Not being available to interested people: One of the most terrible mistakes is not being available to interested people who can take it as rude.

All these errors can be avoided very easily if we have the help of a specialized real estate agency, since they will be in charge of negotiating for us, correctly advertise the house so that the information reaches a greater number of people, they will always be available to teach the living place.

That is why from this article we recommend you in the following link, one of the leading companies in the sale of flats. But if your home also has damage, paint in poor condition and you have to carry out small repairs, we present you a blog specialized in construction, renovations and maintenance, which will undoubtedly help you make the right decision.


We could say that more and more foreigners are looking for a home, attracted by the good climate and the appetizing gastronomy that identifies us. Among them, we find Germans, Belgians, English, French, Italians, Russians … and a wide assortment of nationalities who choose either a leisure residence, for the holiday season, or as a habitual residence.

Are you looking to conquer this type of audience, and you don’t know which way is the best? There are some tricks that can help you attract the foreign buyer. In this post we will tell you about them!

The attractiveness of homes

Regardless of the type of property that you are going to put up for sale. Whether it is a flat, country house or chalet, there will always be a well-positioned foreigner who may be interested in acquiring your property.

The attractiveness of homes for foreigners resides above all in the proximity to the sea, the good climate of the coastal areas and the top quality materials with which the most exclusive homes or chalets in idyllic areas are built.

Of the favorite areas, for these foreigners who seek to invest in the Peninsula, the purchase of homes in towns located in communities such as Alicante, Valencia, Catalonia and the southern area, Andalusia, stand out.

We tell you how to make a home for foreigners attractive.

How to attract the foreign buyer?

If you want to get the attention of these future buyers, you will have to heed these wise tips.

1º Have a good website. It is very important to attract buyers to have a good image on the internet that manages to capture the attention of foreigners looking for housing in our country. If you lack it, it will be necessary for your property to be part of the offer of a powerful real estate agency, since only they will get you to launch your product abroad.

Normally, you are real estate, in addition, they have a community manager who will be in charge of showing your product in a striking way, it can be the result of a quick sale.

2º Put in place a good presence of your home. Don’t just show the raw product, as it will not be attractive, use the technique used by luxury real estate: Home Staging . It is very important that the house appears conditioned, clean and with a good appearance. That is why it would be interesting for you to choose neutral and soft colors that make your home cozy.

Adapt it with a good selection of curtains, necessary accessories that will give the home the effect of a home, it is a good strategy that makes the visitor to the property feel as if they were in their own home. Make the house feel homely, play with fluffy rugs, soft cushions and textures. Dress the walls with pictures, murals or with pretty colors.

Look at this video, with examples of houses in which the before and after of applying this technique is shown. Incredible, don’t you think?

3rd The importance of smells. It’s funny how an aroma can affect our senses, what it can transmit and make us feel. That is why it will be vital to keep in mind that the property should at no time have unpleasant odors, in this way you have to avoid the musty smell of being the property closed. Use air fresheners with natural essences.

Which are exotic but fresh and light, so that the supposed future tenant takes a good presence from the home. The smell of coffee, bread, baked goods or laundry fresh from the washing machine can be very gratifying to our senses.

Without a doubt, by carrying out these three sales strategies, you will make your house irresistible for those foreigners eager to obtain a home in our beautiful country.


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