20 real estate blogs you should follow in 2021

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List of real estate Blogs that are trending.

Good morning everyone! Today I come to share with you a list of 20 real estate blogs that I have been following in their footsteps for a few months ago and have come to the conclusion that, due to certain essential aspects from the point of view commercial focused on digital marketing that are shared are for me very worthy of being mentioned in this article.

Obviously, there are other blogs focused on the real estate sector where relevant news, sales techniques, real estate marketing, coaching, training, home staging and other topics relevant to real estate news are shared, which by themselves are good enough and good enough.

I do not think it is necessary to mention them in this article, since all those immersed in the real estate sector know very well which ones I mean, right?

That is why, I have thought it appropriate, to give them the prominence they deserve through the lines that you are going to read throughout the content of this article and that I have developed especially thinking about those real estate agencies “not so well known in the blogosphere” or yes, because they have shown (at least to me) that regardless of being employed during the day in the work routine of buying, selling and/or renting homes.

They have known how to find a gap of their time to feed their blogs with focused content to any self-respecting user, and therefore not falling into the crass error of maintaining an outdated blog with outdated content.

So, dear reader/user of my blog, from here I recommend that you “keep an eye out” for the blogs that I am going to share with you. If you want to be aware of the latest news, trends, tips and all the news in the real estate sector of blue world city Islamabad.

So that you can see and be aware of the good work that the blogs that I am going to list for you have been doing, I want you to take a look at the video that Mr. Carlos Pérez-Newman, known to all for the real estate video-blogs that he tends, follows. to publish to sell their courses, as it will briefly explain all the advantages of having a real estate blog on your website.

Before going on to list the blogs today protagonists of this post, I want you to know that in order to write this article and include the blogs that you are going to find in the following list, I have taken into account aspects that today for me are essential within the Internet field and that are applicable not only for the real estate sector, but for any other sector or subject that is worth its salt and that seeks greater visibility on the network such as:

  • Quantity: Number of posts published in the respective blogs.
  • Frequency: Frequency of publication of articles.
  • Quality: Contribution of value in the contents that are shared.
  • Social Activity: Number of interactions in social networks that users have projected with each of the published articles.

Now if we enter “the heart of the matter” and I go on to detail in the following list those blogs in which throughout this year 2017 I have been paying attention and therefore following very closely, and for which I bet and firmly believe that During this year 2018 they will stand out and therefore I am sure that they will increase in the number of followers/subscribers.

Elijo Casa blog.

Elijo Casa is a real estate company that is deeply committed to the real estate sector and development throughout the Campo de Gibraltar.

On its website you will find in the news and blog sections all those most important aspects of the Region. All the news are written by our own staff or highly qualified direct collaborators with knowledge of the medium.

ElijoCasa has the technical and personal means (experts, surveyors, architects, decorators, or those people committed to the Region …) to prepare news about rent, sale of homes, industrial buildings, rustic and urban plots … Therefore, being contrasted before publication.

As for its website, it is recently modified where you can see the properties available by price range, rooms, square meters and often with music videos with jazz, blues music … (which will surely make you enjoy).

Regarding his social networks, he has 2,400 followers on FB, almost 60,000 on Twitter, 900 on Google+ and 635 on YouTube… No doubt a guarantee of a job well done.

The Itta Galicia Blog.

Perhaps one of the leading blogs in the real estate scene that operates under the title “The #ittaGalicia and yours blog” (not just another real estate blog)

Dedicated to the real estate sector since May 2005 since then #ittaGalicia has been transforming itself into what it is today, through the #ittaGaliciaResidential division a real estate agency dedicated to the sale of luxury homes and together with the #ittaGaliciaCommercial real estate division specialized in the sale and purchase of hotel assets, all focused on the Galician market.

The blog deals with various real estate topics, such as sale and purchase management, mortgages, appraisals, repossessions, golden visa, decoration, hotel management, know-how, quality, etc.

A brand that only on twitter has 24,000 followers, which is a succulent figure for a small family real estate.

The Inmosubastas blog

Inmosubastas was born after more than 10 years of experience in the Real Estate Sector in response to the demand for Integral Management of auctions from our clients. Professional experts in real estate law, economics and finance come together to help the client from the selection of the property to the delivery of the keys.

Transparency from start to finish. A real estate offer that is renewed daily to offer the best investment opportunities. Properties up to 30% cheaper than its price on the market.

The Blog of My Real Estate Advisor.

Captained by Daniel Lozano, the blog of my real estate advisor resides in an enclave located in Huelva and from which it is intended to inform and in turn help potential users in the home search phase through its contents

As he defines himself on his blog, Daniel considers himself a curious and hard-working person.

Qualified as a trade and marketing technician, and perfectly trained in various aspects of the sector such as the sale and rental of homes, Daniel offers to be his Real Estate Advisor in Huelva.

The Bahia Home Real Estate Blog.

Bahía Home began its journey in 2006 at the hands of its creator, Lola González Mesto, who, despite the great crisis she had to face and thanks to the training and training of a great team of professionals, managed to adapt to the new real estate reality obtaining great professional success.

In 2011, the second office of Bahía Home, SL opened its doors in the area known in Santander as El Alto Miranda, at Calle General Dávila, 32, by the hand of Carlos Romera, a well-known businessman and manager of large brands.

In 2015 a new office was opened in Marcelino Sanz de Sautuola, nº 17, popularly known as Calle del Martillo, in this way Bahía Home specializes in the real estate market in Santander, achieving effective and suitable marketing based on knowledge of the different zones.

In these years, Bahía Home has managed to be a national benchmark, with the recognition of the most distinguished real estate nominations, forming part of QUALITY, CRS, REALTOR and PREMIUM GROUP.

The Blue world city Islamabad Blog.

It is a real estate agency located in Alicante and created in 1999 through which all types of real estate and real estate transactions are sold.

The purpose of the casazul blog is none other than to provide content that helps its readers in any of the issues related to the real estate sector.

The Trece Casas Real Estate Blog.

Trececasas is a Valencian company with more than ten years of experience in the real estate sector specialized in the sale and rental of luxury properties in Valencia and Ibiza .

Their personalized treatment, self-demand, commitment and direction, make them approach the most exclusive clients, proof of this is that for nine years they have been the trusted real estate agency of one of the most important companies in the city, Valencia CF.

Humility, excellence and teamwork are the values ​​that they represent in each and every one of their actions.

The House Hunting Blog.

House Hunting is a real estate group that was born in the middle of the economic crisis, which has not prevented it from growing year after year. It started with an office in Chamberí and now has another two in the Salamanca and Retiro neighborhoods.

His specialty is the sale and rental of real estate in record time and with great conditions. The service it provides is complete: it includes photographs and videos of the flats, exhibiting them on multiple real estate portals.

Showing the houses to potential buyers and tenants, preventing theft, distributing brochures, mailboxes, legal advice and banking aid. for the purchase of houses, and has the collaboration of 200 real estate agents and a database with more than 8000 registered clients.

The Blod of FuturPiso.

Futur Piso is a real estate agency located in Paiporta (Valencia) dedicated to the sale and rental of homes in Paiporta and Picanya that is committed to close contact with its clients. Proof of this is present through the organization of various events in municipal markets and cultural festivals of the population that saw them born as a real estate agency a little over 2 decades ago.

Faithful participants in real estate events both at the local and state level and staunch and unconditional sponsors of different sports teams in their area.

The Blog of Fincas La Clau.

Fincas La Clau is a real estate agency born in Sitges that already has more than 30 years of experience in the sector and currently has 4 points of sale (3 of them in Sitges and one in Andorra).

One of our greatest premises in our daily work is to keep our clients fully informed, and therefore, in addition to personally advising each of them, we also like to provide information that may be helpful to them through our real estate blog.

As you can see by visiting our blog, we spend a lot of time sharing our knowledge periodically and always with a wide variety of tips aimed at our customers, users and readers.

The Blog of a2ados.

A2ados real estate with branches in Zaragoza and Tarragona is characterized by sticking to looking for the property that best suits the needs of the client in addition to converting homes into homes through the execution of reforms since they have a specific department for this purpose.

In short, A2ados not only sell you the property but they take care of leaving it to the client’s taste without the client having to worry about anything.

Durenduesa blog.

It is a real estate agency in Mallorca, Ibiza and Formentera, with more than 15 years of experience in the real estate sector. Currently, it is a benchmark in the sale and rental of homes, houses, premises and penthouses in the Balearic Islands, with a portfolio of properties adapted to all pockets and needs, including also luxury homes.

The firm remains at the forefront of the market, thanks above all to the maximum security and guarantee it offers in all its purchase, sale and rental processes. For this, its team of real estate professionals in the Balearic Islands carefully selects each of the properties in the portfolio, making an exclusive portfolio of homes with the best opportunities available to the client at all times.

The real estate company also stands out for the personalized and unique attention it gives to each case, offering a familiar and close treatment that guarantees a tailor-made real estate management. An example of this is its complete online real estate service, designed so that the client can meet their needs at any time of the day, without waiting and with the best possible service.

In addition, its professionals approach the reality of the market in a practical and simple way through their blog, collecting not only the outstanding news of the sector, but also practical advice that ranges from the field of decoration to household tricks of all kinds.

So far the list of the 20 real estate blogs that I personally “would not take my eyes off”. In addition, it should also be remembered that at the beginning of this year 2020 I launched the real estate portal, of which I am a founding partner and which also has a blog to take into account among the leading national blogs. Do not miss it!


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