Find out what rapport is and how to apply it in sales


Never talk to strangers. Who never heard this advice as a child? It is popular wisdom that runs the world, present even in fairy tales. The worst thing is that we really have a natural tendency to fear so-called strangers. There are those who relate this behavior to the conservation law of prehistoric tribes, when the different represented a threat to the group’s DNA.

Want to see? Notice on your social networks: you probably interact more with friends or with those who share the same ideas as you, don’t you?

But what does this have to do with real estate brokerage? Everything! After all, the broker cannot be that stranger in the eyes of customers. It is essential that he has the right approach to, little by little, gain the trust of both owners and buyers. To strengthen these ties, many professionals employ the technique of rapport. Do you want to meet her? So stay tuned!

What is rapport?

Empathy. If there is a word that sums up the essence of rapport, it is certainly that. Basically, the idea is to create a bond of trust with the consumer, but, for that, it is necessary to go headlong into its universe. You must know your beliefs, tastes, opinions, among other aspects of personality. Anyway, see the world from his perspective!

It is always important to remember that real estate brokerage is a service that, in order to be hired, requires a good deal of trust on the part of clients. On the one hand, the owners will only hand over the keys to the property for sale if they believe in the nature of the broker. On the other hand, buyers will not complete the sale if they suspect a problem with the unit.

How to apply it in sales?

Now that you know what rapport is, it’s time to find out how to apply it in practice! In fact, the tactic refers to a set of actions that, when exercised, work on the consumer’s confidence in the professional. Shall we check each one? Follow us!

Body language

Eye contact, firm handshake, upright posture. Yes, having an adequate body language is the first step to develop and improve the rapport technique, after all, our body communicates much more than we imagine! It can transmit feelings such as insecurity, fear, anger, self-confidence, affection, power, among others. Analyzing the client’s body language is also a good start to enter his world.


Another rapport technique is mirroring. The principle is the same: copy, or mirror, the client’s gestures and posture, absorb his opinions, among other attitudes. But be careful! The mirroring must be done in a subtle way, otherwise the client may feel uncomfortable, confused or even offended by the broker’s posture.

How to know your customers?

Finally, our last tip is that the broker does a lot of research on his clientele. How to do this? A good start is to find out what is the profile of the residents of the region where you usually sell your properties. Although it is not a definitive answer, it serves as a sampling, so that the broker generally understands how his audience behaves – both owners and buyers.


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