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All areas have their own repertoire of technical terms. The real estate sector is also full of them, and the brokerage professional needs to know their meaning, importance and usage situations properly.

Among the most frequent terms in the real estate market, is Habite-se.

Read the post and learn a little more about it!

What is Habite-se?

Habite-se is the name of a very valuable document in the daily life of brokers. It is issued by the prefecture of the city where the property is located.

With it, there is an express authorization so that the owner, his technical manager or the developer can release the effective use of the property that was under construction. Habite-se is issued to all properties whose works have already been completed and are ready for housing.

What is Habite-se used for?

For the city to issue this document, it is necessary that the property undergoes a detailed inspection process to confirm that it was in fact built according to the project previously approved by the Municipal Executive.

For a property to be legally built, it must have its project previously approved by the city and follow everything that determines the legislation related to civil construction. This applies to laws created at the federal, state or municipal level (such as the municipality’s master plan).

In case any irregularity is found, it will be necessary to correct it, so that the declaration will be issued.
Habite-se is a fundamental document for real estate, not just residential, but also commercial (such as stores, offices, offices and others) and industrial properties. After the inspection carried out by the specialized professionals of the city halls, it is possible to verify important questions, such as those related to the security of the establishment (such as, for example, the fire prevention plan).

What are the prerequisites for issuing the document?

There are some conditions for the Habite-se to be released. Check out what they are:

  • certificate of public service concessionaires;
  • report made by the fire brigade;
  • architectural design of the property, which must be in accordance with specific urban legislation, respecting the number of floors and the total built area, according to the assessment made by the Secretariat of Urbanism.

Why is Habite-se so important?

Know now the aspects that make Habite-se so important:

  • real estate without Habite-se may be unsafe and unsuitable for living or working;
  • without the document, the property is devalued, reducing its price at the time of sale;
  • the institutions that finance the purchase of the property require the presentation of the Habite-se;
  • without this document, a commercial property will not be able to obtain the business license;
  • residential or commercial buildings are prohibited from constituting legal condominiums if they do not have Habite-se, making it impossible to establish a convention that supports users and determines the apportionment of expenses that are incurred for the common good;
  • Bills of water, electricity, telephone or IPTU are not used to prove the regularity of the property.

An important recommendation is that the person should apply for housing from the construction company at the time of delivery of the property. If the document takes too long to be released, the Urban Planning Secretariat should be consulted in order to obtain more information.


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