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One of the essential parts of any real estate professional is identifying and classifying the people who contact us interested in our real estate services.

These types of contacts, mainly calls that we receive every day due to a more or less elaborate real estate marketing strategy, can be received from people in very different stages of purchase in terms of our real estate services, that is, the predisposition that a potential client maintains to count on our real estate agency and our services.

Let’s see it clearly with an example, with the calls of three prospects that are received within minutes of each other.

The first person who contacts us senses that they want to sell their home, but they do not know what price it may have and they have not stopped to think seriously about the issue. He found you on Google, entered the web and called you without knowing much more about you.

The second person needs to sell their home and is aware of this, they have called you as well as other real estate agencies in the area saying that they want to sell their home at a price that, as a good professional, you know is impossible to get right now.

The third person is clear that he wants to sell his house, he has been informed in portals about the price at which other homes are, he has investigated about the real estate agencies in the area, and he has read your blog and he knows that you are great professionals and that you can help him.

If you have the same conversation with each of them simply explaining that you are a very good real estate agency like Tajarat properties, which of them do you think will accept a visit from you?

Exactly. The third option. But why?

Because that potential customer is in an advanced purchasing stage since:

You need to sell your house.

He is aware of it.

He has researched real estate options.

He has seen the good work you do.

And he wants you to help him sell his house Now!

So be careful, you are not going to screw it up to the bottom. Having the same conversation with the three prospects, none of them may even agree to a subsequent contact with you or to make a visit. Talking about the professionalism of your real estate agency may not be the best option, when you can adapt your speech to each of them to attack with different strategies.

From the first interested party, you should know if he is really interested in selling his home and the relevance that this decision entails.

In the second case, it will be necessary to show you why we are a good option compared to our competitors and why an analysis of the market in our area is essential to get the sale of your home, all without going into too much detail on the phone or you run the risk of disengage.

You simply have to direct the third party to close the first visit to your home, which is what you want before picking up the phone.

And the only way to know this is by listening to our clients before offering everyone the same speech about how good our real estate agency is.


A stage is the stage or phase of a process, development or transformation. Applied to the purchase phase are those phases in which our buyer finds himself before he decides to trust us and hire our real estate services.

Knowing where you are, you will be able to adapt your speech and strategy to be able to take them all towards the final objective: to capture their home or to buy their home advised by us. We have adapted the purchase stages to the real estate sector, differentiating the following stages.

Stage 0: They are those people who have a need but are not even aware of it.

Stage 1: They are people who have a problem or need of which they are aware but do not know the options to solve it, applied to our sector, real estate agencies and professionals in their area.

Stage 2: They are people who know that there are different options to solve their need, but they do not know your real estate agency and the strengths or advantages that you offer compared to the competition.

Stage 3: They are people who are convinced that you are the best professionals, who are convinced of the benefits you offer but do not need a real estate agency at this time.

Stage 4: They are people who know that you are the professionals who can best help you with the sale of your house or find a property and are willing to count on you now.

All of your clients have been through all of them at some point. Sometimes with a certain order and in other cases jumping to the most advanced quickly. It is essential that you identify where each prospect is to go from one to another until they trust us.

A well-designed online real estate marketing strategy should cover the full spectrum that our potential clients find themselves in. Let’s see an example:

Stage 0: As we saw earlier, these people have a need but they do not consider it a problem to solve today. Take as an example a couple who live in a two-bedroom apartment with their two children, with an obvious lack of space but who have not stopped to think.

The first step in counting on us will be to first make them see that they have a need (a larger house, an area with nearby parks or schools, etc.), and that we can offer them a solution as real estate professionals.

This is the most difficult stadium to convert, and the least profitable due to the investment in time and money that we will have to face. Showing an underlying need isn’t always possible, and in most cases the best option is to focus your marketing efforts on other prospects at a more advanced stage.

The best option for this may be to use social networks to share articles from other sources to show the changes that family will have when having children, how to adapt their stays, etc. As we mentioned, it is the most difficult buying stage to capture, and in most cases it is not interesting to focus your efforts on this group.

Stage 1: They are aware that they have a need but do not know the options of the real estate market. The most effective strategy for this is content marketing on your blog, together with a web positioning strategy with words focused on the problem.

For example: “how to sell my house in …”. These potential clients are looking for the solution to a specific problem but they do not know the options that exist, in this case, the real estate agencies and professionals that can help them.

Stage 2: They know there is a solution but they don’t know your business. In this case, together with content marketing, the best strategy is based on web positioning to let this type of potential customers find us:

Being people who are clear that they need a professional, they will carry out searches such as the following:

By attracting these people to your real estate website and offering quality information, these people will go to the next stage, since they have gone from “I don’t know your real estate” to “I know your real estate”. You will have to offer quality information and develop a strategy to show the benefits that having your real estate agency instead of one of the competition will bring you.

An option to show little by little the benefits of having you is Email Marketing, or attracting that person to your social networks, or more advanced strategies such as remarketing. The design, content and strategy of your communication is essential.

The main objective is to show that you are great experts in the real estate sector and that you can help him, all through articles, success stories, useful information to the most frequent doubts, etc.

You have to convince them that YOUR REAL ESTATE IS THE SOLUTION.

Stage 3: They are people convinced of your professionalism but who do not need your services yet. They may not want to sell their home or they don’t have the money to buy a property, and they just don’t need a real estate agency right now.

Loyalty of this type of client is very important, first of all because we will be seen as professionals and when it is time to have a real estate agency like blue world city Islamabad they will not think twice. They can also recommend our real estate to other people who do need our services at this time.

Stage 4: They already know that you are the real estate agency that can best help them and when they pick up the phone they are convinced that they want you to help them, and the sooner the better. The best option in these cases is to make a direct proposal and close a visit as soon as possible.

This client does not need you to convince him that you are the best or that you tell him the same thing that he has already read on your website, and he avoids going into any detail that could endanger a convinced client.

How to deal with clients who contact your real estate agency is one of the most important factors that you must master if you want to make the most of any business strategy.

And knowing the phases in which your potential clients will find themselves, you must design a strategy and script for each of the phases. Quickly identify where your contacts are to catch the most of them and convert them into clients, so that your investment in digital real estate marketing is very profitable.


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