Investing in an off-plan housing project in 2020, your most profitable option


Investing in off-plan housing projects in 2020 is considered, by many construction companies, real estate companies and financial experts, as an optimal decision for profitability, saving and taking care of your money.

Always, when you are going to buy your own home, various unknowns begin to arise about the buying process, you usually think: what will be the best option I have? What is the market offering me?

Investing in off-plan real estate has been a truly positive option for construction companies, investors and future homeowners alike. In Colombia, this modality of sale of housing on plans has its origin in the 90s, as a strategy that sought, in addition to favoring construction companies, to provide an incentive to people who had not been able to buy new housing due to the payment conditions that had then.

Here are some tips, guidelines, keys and information you need to know before you decide to buy a new home project on plans:

Advantages of buying a housing project on plans

Buying an apartment off plans is considered a smart decision, projection and financial maturity because today making decisions that take care of your pocket is seen as something important for the future.

This is very significant, as it has great advantages for the investor, and here are some of them:

The price

Usually, when you decide to go for options such as buying a new home on designs you will save money, this is because the builder first sells and then proceeds to the construction of the project.

Design decision

One of the most significant advantages of acquiring a property in this investment modality is that the buyer will have the benefit of knowing, changing and modifying the distribution and finishes of the house to their liking; This is one of the most striking advantages and for which many buyers decide to obtain their home on plans.


When an apartment is acquired on plans, it has an initial price, however, this will increase until the moment its construction is completed. The final price will be higher than the initial one and this investment means a return on the capital base invested.

What should you take into account when purchasing a home on plans?

Buying off plans is a decision that you must make intelligently, therefore you must take into account the following elements:

The certificate of tradition and freedom

This public document is issued at the notary’s office; There you can check the place where the real estate project will be built and investigate if it is legal. This request can be made at the notary’s office or through the Internet.

The reputation of the construction company

Knowing in advance all the real estate projects that the construction company has carried out will give you a realistic idea of ​​what the company’s trajectory is like. It is important that you investigate whether the construction company is registered with the Superintendency of Companies or with authorities in the housing sector.

Being affiliated with other highly important unions such as Camacol and Lonja is seen as a high-quality index that allows the reputation of construction companies.

The promise of sale

This bilateral contract determines the rules for both the construction company and the buyer. There, delivery dates, prices and conditions are agreed that cannot be modified.

5 keys to success when buying a property on plans

With the following keys you can ensure an excellent purchase for your future home:

  • The apartments on plans that you are studying must have trusts.
  • The profitability of your investment on plans can be a good deal in a future sale.
  • Although the finishes are the decision of the builder, you can make modifications to the plans.
  • You must study in detail the design of the plans and analyze all the conditions of the sale of the project.
  • You must be sure which off-plan project you want to buy, so you will have a basic idea to acquire your property.

Deadlines to pay the down payment of your apartment on plans

Tajarat properties offers you incredible deadlines for the payment of the initial fee for your project on plans in Caldas, Antioquia. With 40 months to make this payment, it makes it one of the most desired projects and with the greatest possibilities for the acquisition of new housing in the south of the Aburrá Valley, having monthly payments, on average, up to $ 650,000.

We show you 3 projects so you know where to buy environmentally friendly housing

If you want to live in eco-sustainable environments, full of natural abundance, fresh air, beautiful landscapes and with advantages that other properties in the city cannot offer you, buying an environmentally friendly home is something you should consider.

Today, many more families want to live in natural environments, in environments in the midst of nature, because these spaces, surrounded by green areas are considered as privileged places to live, in harmony with the environment and without moving away from the town.

It should be noted that the place where we live directly influences our quality of life , health conditions, mental state, our feelings, the energies we possess.

If for a long time you have felt that you must migrate to this type of housing project and you are looking for a connection with nature, you should know these three projects of the society are located in rural settings in the main municipalities of the Aburrá Valley :

It is a VIS project located just 1,500 meters from the main park of the municipality of Caldas, Antioquia. These apartments apply for the housing subsidy, have a term of more than 3 years for the payment of the initial fee and are equipped with a home automation kit.

This housing project is characterized by being surrounded by a purely country environment, where fresh air abounds and positions it as an ideal place to enjoy nature.

It is friendly to the environment, as it has wastewater recirculation systems, light control technology from mobile devices and a double shut-off for waste disposal.

In addition to being located in a country setting, it is close to the following main points of the municipality:

Lasallian University Corporation.

Lasallian University Corporation Veterinary Hospital.

Third Millennium College.

Principal Park.

The Immaculate Conception Parish.

San Vicente de Paúl Caldas Hospital.

I will fly Azulejo stage

This apartment project in Caldas, Antioquia is a natural space full of green areas, where children and families experience the magic of living in a country town.

It is a place full of magic. It is surrounded by nature, where you can enjoy the sound of birds with your family.

It is surrounded by beautiful ecological trails and large common areas that make living in the municipality of Caldas a pleasant experience.

Our country project has rainwater recirculation mechanisms, which is used to irrigate common areas, achieving significant water savings.

It also has a double trash shut for organic and inorganic waste, thus promoting recycling.

This project also has common parking cells with connection for electric vehicles and bicycle parking for those seeking to reduce their carbon footprint.

These are environmentally friendly homes that will have rainwater recirculation in common areas, solar-powered lighting on terraces, double trash shutters, LED lighting in circulations and common areas, parking for bicycles and electric parking for vehicle loading. electric and hybrid.

It is close to the following services:

Ceipa Educational Institution

Aves Marías Shopping Center

Store D1 Sabaneta San José

The llanerito Sabaneta

Sabaneta’s success

Venancio Díaz Díaz Hospital

South Zone Sports Unit

In Casa Campo you can enjoy a country space with 74 houses, which will have an automated system to control the lighting in your home.

You can invest in one of the natural and best valued areas of the Aburrá Valley, surrounded by pure air, the sound of birds and green areas within walking distance.

This closed unit project is ideal for your family. They will be able to live the best moments in an environmentally friendly project and smart homes.

Living in Sabaneta, or as it is also known ” the model city of Colombia “, represents for many families a dream to be fulfilled in the short, medium and long term.

This municipality, located in the south of the Aburrá Valley, is consolidated as an independent territory. It is considered that housing projects in Sabaneta are one of its main attractions by urban and real estate development they represent.

In addition, its tourist areas and the proximity to both Medellín and Caldas, the entrance to the southwest of Antioquia, make it a strategic place for investment.

Although it is considered the smallest municipality in Colombia, with only 15 square kilometers, it has become one of the most desired destinations to live, due to the quality of life and exemplary security that its inhabitants carry, its real estate development, its traditions, festivals and areas for recreation.

In these projects of blue world city Islamabad you can find everything you have always wanted: apartments with country settings where you can live your dream of being surrounded by nature.

Don’t wait any longer and go ahead and advise you with us!


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