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With the massive presence of blogs of all kinds, one of the main concerns of many real estate agencies including Tajarat properties is to find the right topics for new articles. We are saturated with information of all kinds by a multitude of media, so offering quality content is essential to achieve the objectives we have for our real estate website.

Logically the ultimate goal is to generate more contacts, more sales and obtain more benefits, but the specific objectives of the real estate blog are multiple, and for this it is crucial to create the appropriate content. Let’s see how to find great ideas for our blog and real estate website, what you need to take into account before starting to write.


The first step before creating a real estate blog is to have an idea or general strategy of the objectives that we are pursuing with it.

Unlike a personal blog, in our real estate agency we do not create a real estate blog to enjoy writing or show the last trips we have made. The main objective is usually located between the following:


The main objective of a real estate website is to grow our operations, and for this we must attract interested parties and convert them into clients. For this we have a series of specific sub-objectives of the blog, which are mainly focused on the following:

Increase the positioning of your real estate website, improve the authority of your website and thus appear in the top positions in search engines. The dream of any real estate agency: Appear number one in google and receive calls and interested parties every day. This is something that your real estate blog will undoubtedly contribute to.

Build trust, show how you work and generate good feelings in blog readers (and potential clients). Trust is the key so that someone who does not know you at all decides to contact you and ask for more information on how you can help him.

Be a reference within the real estate sector in your area. Being positioned as the best professionals in your town or city implies showing a professional and worked image.

And above all, encourage visitors to your real estate website to get in touch with you: by calling, by email or by using the form you have on the home page. At the end of the day, that they contact you and request your real estate services.


Based on this general strategy, each article will contribute to one or more of these goals. A unique must be created for a specific purpose and if it helps a perfect secondary. They will generally obey the following:


If I am looking for a commercial space for my company and at that moment I read a great article by someone from authority in my city explaining what we should look for when looking for a property of this type and a series of tips to make the best possible decision.

It will help that person to achieve his goal: to find a space for his company. The best part is that if during the process he needs professional help he will remember you since you have gotten a reference for him.


Not all the articles on your real estate website have to be purely formal. They shouldn’t all be a joke either, but a respite from time to time is always appreciated.

Every time something relevant related to the real estate sector is published, it must be present on your blog: price statistics, real estate legislation, sentences that affect us, etc.

On the other hand, a touch of humor from time to time is great. How? For example with an article like: “The worst photos of your real estate ad”, full of photos of those that we see every day that seem taken by the owner’s enemy.


The key to reaching more people is to generate content that can be easily shared, and that inspires us to do so. This will help us increase the audience received and the authority of our real estate website.

What floors to share besides videos of kittens and babies laughing? Post content related to the real estate sector (or some that has nothing to do with a more personal touch) and motivate all your contacts or followers to share it.


Many articles will not pursue any specific objective of the previous ones, a priori. Show your personal history, new agents, sales or the most special cases and the way in which you help people in your area, the number of sales you have achieved this month … all this will generate trust, credibility and increase your presence.

Home Staging, the fashionable technique to sell houses

Home Staging is a real estate marketing strategy that accelerates the sale of homes. 75% of the properties in which this technique has been applied have been sold in less than 90 days. Below we provide you with information to know what it is about and the benefits it can bring to your real estate.

When someone decides to buy a home, they first go through a rational process and then an emotional one. The buyer’s behavior is always the same, first he decides the city or town in which he wants to live, then the neighborhood, he sets the price he wants to spend and decides the type of home he needs according to his needs.

This is followed by an emotional process that greatly influences your purchase decision. The buyer has to fall in love with that home, think that it is the home of their dreams.

With the arrival of new technologies, the buyer performs Internet searches and the first impression has a lot of weight when choosing the house. At this point in the buying process, the strategies that real estate companies follow to attract their potential clients are very important.

The Home Staging is a decorating technique and a marketing strategy using real estate that is allowing them to have very good results. It is an English term whose literal translation is “Staging of the house”, according to the Association of Home Staging, this real estate marketing technique it began in the US in the seventies, and later it was applied in Europe.

Home Staging companies take care of the decoration of the home so that the buyer dreams of living there. They use techniques that make the property more attractive and stand out on the portals where it is promoted.

With this it is achieved that these properties are more visited and more potential clients can be reached.

Home Staging: a very effective technique

The Association Home Staging has carried out a study in which it collects a series of positive conclusions that this real estate marketing strategy has achieved. The results are extracted from the application of Home Staging to 230 homes in which a professional Home Stage has intervened, the conclusions are as follows:

48% of the operations that have been carried out, applying the Home Staging technique, have increased the price of the property by 20%.

51% of the operations have maintained the price at the time of sale.

75% of homes with the Home Staging technique have been sold in less than 90 days

55% of the homes have been sold in less than 40 days.

88% of rental homes managed to have a tenant in less than 15 days.

47% got a tenant in less than 7 days.

45% of the clients that apply Home Staging in their strategy are individuals, 27% are real estate and 11% are developers.

In 54% of the cases, the real estate agencies and developers have rehired the professional Home Stage to prepare the sale of another property.

According to the interior designer, draftsman and titled Home Stager, Aida García, the Home Staging technique brings a series of benefits when applied to a property, which distinguishes it from the rest:

It allows you to differentiate yourself from the competition and get more visits on Internet portals: Good photographs and a very attractive house in the eyes of the buyer will put you in a better position than your competition.

Home Staging speeds up sales: The AVEO company has pointed out that in France a house with the Home Staging technique takes 19.5 days to sell.

Sell ​​at the best price without unnecessary negotiations: When applying Home Staging in a property, you show the buyer a home in perfect condition and it will be difficult for him to ask for a reduction in the purchase price.

Improve the impression of potential customers: Buyers from the first moment have a very good impression of the property and will consider it from the beginning as their possible purchase.

Optimizing the home: “If you apply all the guidelines offered by this technique, you will make the most of the benefits of the home.”

You do not need large investments and those that are made will be highly profitable: This technique fits all pockets and also the type of home. In addition, when applying Home Staging, it will sell so quickly that the price that had been set from the beginning will not be lowered.

Importance of photography: 70% of people looking for a house do so online, 100% discard ads that do not have a photograph and if it is of poor quality they also reject it, 95% take 20 seconds to decide if they want find out more about that property or discard it.

Cheap and fast: The jobs are simple and of short duration, because it is about highlighting the strengths not about rehabilitating the home.

Revalue the property: a neutral style that appeals to the largest number of buyers will be chosen to sell in the fastest way. Having a property with a very good image allows you not to have to lower the sale price.

Home Staging is an important strategy to get real estate property in blue world city Islamabad sold. If you need information or increase your real estate portfolio at Grupo Esmeralda we will assist and help you, get in touch with us.


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