What are the Pros or Cons of Facebook

What are the Pros or Cons of Facebook

Whether Facebook has advantages or downsides, in my opinion, is totally dependent on how it is used.

Facebook can be useful in a variety of ways.

  • Make it as professional as possible. Some people use Facebook to recruit.
  • Chat, particularly video chat, is quite beneficial.
  • Follow the organizations and pages that interest you.
  • For example, you can keep up with business, trends, news, and colleges all across the world.
  • Spend time with your buddies.
  • It allows you to stay in touch with your extended family.
  • It’s not uncommon for an ideal time to pass.
  • It’s also a great place to promote something. For example, your book, blog, photography talents, and so on.

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However, there is a disadvantage to it.

  • It is highly addicting. More than any medication, you will essentially wind up squandering your time and gaining nothing!
  • Playing, chatting, updating profile images, liking, commenting, and so on all day. All of these are a complete waste of time.
  • I’ve seen folks on Facebook doing nothing except looking out other people’s profiles and issuing friend invitations.
  • When you use Facebook, you know what other people are doing and they know what you’re doing, which can lead to a lot of conflicts, jealousy, and sadness. It’s as though the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.
  • Overall, utilizing Facebook will wreak havoc on your life.
  • Because I despise Facebook, I may appear to be biased. However, because my animosity stemmed only from personal experiences, I will never advise someone to abuse it.

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