What is the best way to invest my money?


You may be thinking about how to invest your savings safely. Do you need some guidance? Here we tell you the best products to place your money.

When looking for a solid family economy, many people do not have enough with their savings. If this is your case, you can choose to make your money work for you. How? you will ask yourself. Investing.

This action generates, for many, fear, especially due to the lack of financial education . However, despite this, half of family savings go to mutual funds and stocks and a large percentage of the shares of entities belong to individuals. If they invest, why wouldn’t you? If you do it responsibly, you can reap many benefits.

Tips for investing your savings

Where to invest your savings without risk? That is the task of professionals. You should not lose sight of these recommendations to know how to invest your money safely:

Control impulses and know the asset . If you don’t know or understand what you’re doing, don’t invest. It is an obvious statement, but it is also very important. Find out about the product well and ask everything you need to clear up all doubts, because remember that it is your money that is at stake.

Let yourself be advised by professionals . You have to know and recognize that you are not an expert in finance, so it is advisable to resort to the help of the most knowledgeable to reduce the risk of your movements.

Study your needs . Listen to all the possibilities they offer you, but only stick with those that meet your priorities and requirements.

Think long term . Thinking about future stability will lead you to invest your savings in plans or funds that increase your capital when your retirement time comes. Therefore, you should consider the investment time and, depending on the needs, establish if you want to obtain profitability in the short term or even in the long term, which is usually more convenient.

Diversify your investments . Do you have a significant amount of money to put down in blue world city islamabd ? Our advice, if you allow us, is not to allocate everything to the same asset, but to invest in different products.

Be wary of attractive offers . How many times have you been given home appliances, kitchen utensils or electronic devices for investing in a certain financial asset? As a general rule, these cases hide behind them products that are mediocre and unsafe. Do not be tempted without informing yourself of the conditions!

Where it is more profitable to invest money: housing

It is about buying a property to later sell or rent it. This investment possibility is perhaps one of the safest and most profitable . Although we cannot ignore that the arrival of Covid-19 and the pandemic situation that it has caused has greatly affected: it is estimated that in 2020 real estate investment has plummeted by 50% .

Forecasts for the future, however, are moderately optimistic: investment is expected to grow by 25% in 2021 to pre-pandemic levels, demonstrating the resilience of the sector.


If you decide to buy a house, it is necessary that you have a good initial capital and a comfortable equity to avoid losses and instability in your family economy, especially to avoid the mistakes that were made in the past and that led to a great crisis.

In addition, real estate investment must take into account that demand is growing and that, consequently, prices will rise. It is a good time to buy!

And let us advise you even more. One of the areas with the best growth prospects and with a high degree of satisfaction from its investors is the Costa Blanca and, more specifically, the municipality of Calpe .

In it you will find a multitude of apartments, villas and chalets a few meters from the Mediterranean Sea , with a wonderful tropical climate throughout the year and paradisiacal landscapes. Buying a property in Calpe is a safe investment, especially in summer, since it is a consolidated summer area with a large influx of tourists.

Although our answer to what is the best way to invest my money? It would be the real estate sector, we also want to present you other alternatives so that you can decide for yourself and consider more options.

Where to invest my savings: other alternatives

Investment funds

Mutual funds, although they involve risk, are an opportunity to allocate money. According to the most recent data from Inverco , relative to the 3rd quarter of 2020, mutual funds and companies, together with deposits / cash, represent the majority of financial assets in which families invest, with a figure that rises to 7,703 million euros until September 2020. In any case, it is advisable to seek professional advice if you opt for this type of product.

Stock Exchange

Capital movements on the stock market are one of the activities that move the most money throughout the year, which is why many individuals have dared to place part of their capital here. Investing in the stock market is not an easy task and we are sure that at first it generates doubt, uncertainty and fear, but you can also choose to practice in free simulators to know how it works. It is advisable, in principle, to invest in consolidated entities, because the risk will be lower.


In what to invest the money to earn more ?, you ask yourself. And we answer you with another question: why not open your own business ? If there is something that you are passionate about and you think you can make it profitable, go ahead!

Go on an adventure, taking into account, yes, that you will have to dedicate time, effort and sacrifice, because the benefits will not come overnight. For this reason, it is very important that you like this job, because only in this way will you find sufficient motivation that can be translated into good results.

Where to invest now? Discover 6 interesting alternatives

The question of where to invest now in the current economic and social situation in which we find ourselves is in the air. We recommend 6 transactions that can bring many benefits.

Faced with the prospect of having to invest some of their money to make a return, many people think of the stock market . Shares, participations and investment funds are the main products sold to us by financial institutions and to which most people

In the face of ignorance of the subject, allocate their money. However, at this time more and more people are looking for alternative investments regarding where to invest money. We summarize the main options in which it is good to deposit your money now.

1. Startups and entrepreneurs

If you have between 25,000 and 250,000 euros you can become a business angel . What’s that? you will ask yourself. It consists of investing an amount of money in a new business idea or a startup. Companies as well known today as Starbucks or The Body Shop initially had a business angel who provided enough capital to start the business.

There are many platforms that allow you to do this, such as Big Ban Angels or Fundación E , in which you will find different sectors to invest in.. It is a risky idea because you never know 100% if a business that is starting will work, so you must be very sure of the investment and assume the possibility of not making it profitable in the future.

2. Art and collecting

Works of art and collectibles have always been an interesting resource when investing money . Of course, it is very difficult to enter this universe, in which only people with high capital have free entry. If you find the profile and have the possibility to access one of the exclusive auctions organized by Sotheby’s or Christie’s , then you can get hold of some important work of art.

The paintings and sculptures of renowned artists appreciate over time, so buying it now and selling it in ten or more years can pay you a lot of benefits. The same goes for jewelry, old books, coins, and other objects of value to collectors. Where to invest now? Maybe art is your answer.

3. Microcredits

This alternative consists of making small loans to people in need of immediate financing . Individuals and small companies are usually those who need it most, so it is an alternative for those people who do not have much capital and who hope to make their investment profitable in a short period of time. The problem? It is not advisable to carry out the management from you to you.

Because if there is no document through that regularizes the conditions, you can stay composed and without a boyfriend, that is, without money and without the possibility of recourse. Therefore, we recommend making these investments through online platforms such as Kickstarter that give you that security when investing.



4. Binary options

This type of transaction, while risky, can be a way to get positive results in no time if done right. Binary options are a system in which you bet on the rise or fall of the price of stock assets. They can be in two ways:

  • Cash or nothing , which consists of earning an amount of money at the expiration of an option if it is listed above what is invested.
  • Active or nothing , in which if the operation goes well, the value of the price of the underlying asset can be earned.

In short, it is about predicting whether the price of an asset will rise or fall in a specific period of time that can range from two minutes to half an hour. A risky option where to invest money , without a doubt.

5. Gold

Gold is a classic when it comes to investments, although in recent years it has been a bit relegated to the background. However, in recent times the value of gold in the market has grown considerably and has once again placed this material in the Top 10 of best investments.

Buying gold is very simple, it can be done directly through bullion or coins, or indirectly through gold deposit certificates. Gold is an investment without a period of time , that is, you buy it and sell it when you want. You just have to look at how the cost of the material is at the time of selling in order to make the purchase profitable.

6. Properties

The real estate market is always present when it comes to capital investments. Even so, in recent years and due to moments of economic crisis, the sector has had to reinvent itself and nowadays it is no longer invested as before. Investors no longer buy houses for the mere fact of owning properties, but they do so with the objective of obtaining a return .

For this reason, investments in the real estate market today revolve around vacation homes, parking spaces, commercial premises and offices, beyond the typical search for where to buy an apartment to invest.

All properties can be made a monthly profit thanks to the rent. If you are looking for ideas of properties to invest in that fit your ideals, or directly wondering where to invest in housing , at Tajarat properties we can help you.

It is the leading real estate agency in Calpe since 1979 . We have more than 35 years of experience and we are promoters of more than 15 buildings in the most privileged areas with views of the Mediterranean. Don’t think twice, get in touch with us and let us advise you!


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